First Installment of S4C

Luce’s memory of being at the cliff during the summer was still fresh, even with the leaves dying all around him. Their fiery pigments still held the few traces of green that brought his mind back to the early mornings spent hurling his body from the edge to break apart the surface of the lake […]

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This Will Be Called “Bonds” When It Is Done

Dear Teller[i], There it goes, rising up, and away, and somebody is telling me it’s just glass, concrete, and steel, but what they don’t know is that there are so many more currencies[ii] that go into a construction than those physical ones. One is planning; sometimes it is paper; sometimes it is the people that […]



Bartleby knew a thing or two about dead letters and the offices they went to. These lost letters are not what he knew.

A diminishing number of people still take the time to write out letters to their loved ones in this age of electronic-everything. What are these people saying to each other? What is worth putting pen to paper for, when you can say exactly the same thing in a shorter amount of time?

Here they are. The things that needed to be said to someone in particular, or to everyone all at once and forever. Sent from everyone, to each one.